Monday, September 10, 2007

Outstanding SUPPORTING ACTRESS Performances - The 1940s

1. JANE DARWELL “The Grapes of Wrath”(‘40-John Ford)

2. FRIEDA INESCOURT “Pride and Prejudice”(‘40-Robert Z.Leonard)
3. GAIL PATRICK “My Favorite Wife”(‘40-Garson Kanin)
4. SARA ALLGOOD “How Green Was My Valley”(‘41-John Ford)
5. SPRING BYINGTON “The Devil and Miss Jones”(‘41-Sam Wood)
6. DOROTHY COMINGORE “Citizen Kane”(‘41-Orson Welles)
7. JOAN LESLIE “High Sierra”(‘41-Raoul Walsh)
8. ANNE BAXTER “The Magnificent Ambersons”(‘42-Orson Welles)
9. NANCY COLEMAN “King’s Row”(‘42-Sam Wood)
10. DAME MAY WHITTY “Mrs. Miniver’(‘42-William Wyler)
11. JEAN BROOKS “The Seventh Victim”(‘43-Mark Robson)
12. GABRIELLE DORZIOT “Le Baron Fantome”(‘43-Serge de Poligny)
13. RUTH HUSSEY “Tender Comrade”(‘43-Edward Dmytryk
14. MARY ASTOR “Meet Me in St.Louis”(‘44-Vincente Minnelli)
15. ANGELA LANSBURY “Gaslight”(‘44-George Cukor)
16. HATTIE McDANIEL “Since You Went Away”(‘44-John Cromwell)
17. ELIZABETH RUSSELL “Curse of the Cat People”(‘44-Robert Wise,Gunter von Fritsch)
18. ROSALIND IVAN “The Corn is Green”(‘45-Irving Rapper)
19. LILLIAN GISH “Duel in the Sun”(‘46-King Vidor)
20. LEOPOLDINE KONSTANTIN “Notorious”(‘46-Alfred Hitchcock)
21. DOROTHY MALONE “The Big Sleep”(‘46-Howard Hawks)
22. MARTITA HUNT “Great Expectations”(‘47-David Lean)
23. HELEN WALKER “Nightmare Alley”(‘47-Edmund Goulding)
24. NATALIE WOOD “Miracle on 34th Street”(‘47-George Seaton)
25. HOPE EMERSON “Cry of the City”(‘48-Robert Siodmak)

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