Monday, September 10, 2007

Outstanding SUPPORTING ACTRESS Performances - The 1930s

1. LOUISE CLOSSER HALE “Shanghai Express”(‘32-Josef von Sternberg”)

2. ALISON SKIPWORTH “Night After Night”(‘32-Archie Mayo)
3. MAE WEST “Night After Night”(‘32-Archie Mayo)
4. RUTH DONNELLY “Footlight Parade”(‘33-Lloyd Bacon)
5. DORIS KENYON “Counsellor-at-Law(‘33-William Wyler)
6. KATHLEEN HOWARD “It’s a Gift”(‘34-Norman Z.McLeod)
7. MONA BARRIE “King of Burlesque”(‘35-Sidney Lanfield)
8. ALICE BRADY “Gold-diggers of 1935”(‘35-Busby Berkeley)
9. GLENDA FARRELL “Gold-diggers of 1935”(‘35-Busby Berkeley)
10. HATTIE McDANIEL “Alice Adams”(‘35-George Stevens)
11. UNA O’CONNOR “Bride of Frankenstein”(‘35-James Whale)
12. EDNA MAY OLIVER “David Copperfield”(‘35-George Cukor)
13. MARY ASTOR “Dodsworth”(‘36-William Wyler)
14. JANE DARWELL “Ramona”(‘36-Henry King)
15. MARCIA MAE JONES “These Three”(‘36-William Wyler)
16. ALMA KRUGER “These Three”(‘36-William Wyler)
17. DORIS NOLAN “Holiday”(‘38-George Cukor)
18. DITA PARLO “La Grande Illusion”(‘38-Jean Renoir)
19. OLIVIA de HAVILLAND “Gone with the Wind”(‘39-Victor Fleming)
20. KAY FRANCIS “In Name Only”(‘39-John Cromwell)
21. MARGARET HAMILTON “The Wizard of Oz”(‘39-Victor Fleming)
22. HATTIE McDANIEL “Gone with the Wind”(“39-Victor Fleming)
23. BUTTERFLY McQUEEN “Gone with the Wind”(‘39-Victor Fleming)
24. HELEN PARRISH “First Love”(‘39-Henry Koster)
25. LUCILE WATSON “Made for Each Other”(‘39-John Cromwell)

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