Monday, September 10, 2007

Oops, I did it again (Another list)

It’s List Time. I can’t stop myself. This one’s all about the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s – the bubble and boom years of Old Hollywood. I’ve rustled up a roster of 150 gilt-edged portrayals from the era, arranged into six categories:

the top 25 (my choice) in each division *chronologically arranged

I’ve been plunged, immersed and dunked to the dorsals in movies since I was a polliwog. So there’ve been plenty of blue-ribbon candidates to sift through. And certainly a lot I hated to leave out. Can’t believe I had to pass on the Connie and Thelma tag-team from A Letter to Three Wives. Not to mention Evelyn Varden’s nasty little snake-bite of a performance in Pinky. It doesn’t seem right that Simone Simon’s sad, purring Irina’s nowhere to be found. And what? No Alida Valli? No Florence Bates- anywhere? But the competition was just too fierce. Anyway, here they are – my picks for the era’s crème de la crème. Point of interest – of the 150, only 32 managed Oscar nominations. A mere 10 actually won. Nevertheless, they’re all gifts that keep on giving. A thousand years from now, I suspect, someone – human I hope – will be mulling over many of the same performances (in who knows what format), emitting whatever passes for a murmur of pleasure in 3007 and getting ready – of course - to make a list.

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