Sunday, October 01, 2006

Supporting Actress - First Flight

In 1936 the Academy Awards had already been around for a decade or so. But it wasn’t till then that they finally instituted a supporting category for acting. Where supporting actresses were concerned, the potential field was rich that year. When nominations were revealed, the ladies who made the inaugural list were:

  • Beulah Bondi “The Gorgeous Hussy”
  • Alice Brady “My Man Godfrey”
  • Bonita Granville “These Three”
  • Maria Ouspenskaya “Dodsworth”
  • Gale Sondergaard “Anthony Adverse”

For a cross-section of opinions (including my own) on these nominees, check out StinkyLulu’s 1936 smackdown. For some wide-ranging thoughts on the ladies I would have nominated that year, read on.

(Editor's Note: StinkyLulu here. Ken's got a pile of excellent notes on other important 1936 performances; they'll be up in the next coupla days as time permits.)

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